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Oakcroft Homeowners Association
Proxy for Special Meeting of Members
Declarant Transition Meeting
August 29, 2023

In the event you are unable to attend the Meeting, your presence will be noted by utilizing this proxy. Please make sure to attend the meeting or return this proxy. If quorum is not met, the Association is required to hold a second meeting which costs the Association unnecessary funds.

Proxy Procedure:

Please complete this form before August 29th.


Proxy Directive:

being (a) member(s) of the Association under the provisions of the duly-recorded Declaration and Bylaws governing said Association, do hereby grant my/our Proxy to:

Please check one: (If none selected, the first option will be used):

This proxy, which is executed for the Annual Meeting scheduled for August 29, 2023, or any adjournment thereof, carries with it the full right to the proxy-holder to cast his/her vote(s) as he/she sees fit, as follows:

1. To elect Directors for two (2) year terms each;

2. To vote on the proposed Bylaws amendment;

3. To vote on any matters which may properly come before the meeting.

(All persons on title must execute this proxy)

Please be sure the holder of your proxy will be attending the meeting. If you attend the meeting, this proxy may be withdrawn.

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