Payment Options

We offer the following payment methods:

-Automatic Withdrawal (ACH): This service is free of charge and allows us to draft your Association Dues on the 5th day of each month they are due. It is by far the easiest and most convenient way to pay. Click the button below to enroll today!



-Bill Pay: If you utilize your bank’s online “bill pay” service, you will need to setup a new payee as follows:

Association Name

c/o Compass Management Group

PO Box 29128

Phoenix, AZ 85038-9128

Account Number: (9 or 10 digit account number can be found on your account statement)

-Check Payment: To submit a check payment to the payment center, simply include the bottom coupon of your statement to ensure proper processing. If you don’t have the payment coupon, you can still mail a payment to the payment center, but please be sure to write your Account Number on the check to ensure it gets credited to the right account. Make check payable to your Association  and mail to the address below. If you do not know your Association name, you can make the check payable to Compass Management Group.

Need a Coupon Book? Click the request below to receive one.

Association Name

c/o Compass Management Group

PO Box 29128

Phoenix, AZ 85038-9128


Online Check: You can also pay online using your checking or savings account, without any fees! To do so, you will just need our Management Company ID (6131), your Association ID and your Account Number along with your banking information to utilize this service.

*NOTE: We recommend using the “Pay Now” payment option versus setting up recurring payments through a profile.


  • Credit Card: We do accept all major credit card payments, however there is a 3% fee assessed to cover processing for any payment up to $3,000. While the fee isn’t ideal, it is certainly cheaper than paying a late fee to the Association.  You can pre-pay for several months (up to $3,000 per transaction) and still only pay one processing fee. You will need our Management Company ID (6131), your Association ID and your Account Number to process online credit card payments. 



  1. Click Make a Payment


  1. Click Pay Now*


  1. Click Yes to Agree to Terms and Conditions


  1. Enter requested information (name, email, phone, address, etc.)


  1. Enter Management Company ID: 6131


  1. Enter Association ID


  1. Enter Property Account Number


  1. Click either Pay by eCheck (free) or Pay by Card (processing fee applies)


  1. Enter banking information (routing number, account number, etc.)


  1. Check box to agree to pay the total amount including any fees as shown


  1. Click Next


  1. Verify information submitted/entered is correct. If not, hit Cancel to edit.


  1. Click Submit Payment to submit your payment


*You can create a payment profile, which will eliminate several of the above steps. However, Compass Management Group cannot assist with any errors, resetting passwords, retrieving usernames, etc. when this option is selected. As a result, we advise that only the “One-Time Payment” option be used. Should you choose to set up an online payment profile, any assistance needed will be provided by Mutual of Omaha Bank: 1.866.800.4656